Prayer In the Qur’an - Harun Yahya

Prayer In the Qur’an

By Harun Yahya

  • Release Date: 2004-05-25
  • Genre: Islam
Score: 4.5
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Prayer is one of the most explicit and virtuous expression of one’s devotion to Allah. However, it is essential that a believer should pray as described in the Qur’an. This book explains the kind of prayer that Allah demands of people. Prayer should be the most sincere way one asks the guidance of his Creator.


  • Fantastic Insight!!! Awesome book MA!!

    By Steverockin
    Alahmdililah I loved this book MA!!!! it's incredible to read about different prayers of prophets and the power of prayer and Dua. Heres an example did you know Noah (as) made a dua for the Noah arc!!!! That's awesome I had no idea it was a prayer!! Nuh said, "My Lord! Do not leave a single one of the disbelievers on earth! If You leave any they will misguide Your servants and spawn nothing but more dissolute disbelievers. My Lord! forgive me and my parents and all who enter my house as believers, and all the men and women of the believers. But do not increase the wrongdoers except in ruin!" (Surah Nuh: 26-28) Allah answered the Prophet Nuh's (as) prayer Bless you Harun Yahya. I like this guy!!!