The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions - Harun Yahya

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 20 Questions

By Harun Yahya

  • Release Date: 2003-07-11
  • Genre: Life Sciences
Score: 2.5
From 76 Ratings


The Theory of Evolution has been around for 150 years, and has had a great influence on the way people look at the world. This book considers the invalidity of the theory of evolution at a lay level. Evolutionists’ claims on certain matters are responded to with questions that are frequently asked, the meanings of which are not often understood. The answers provided in this book can be found in more scientific detail in other Harun Yahya books such as The Evolution Deceit, and Darwinism Refuted.


  • One of the best!

    By Sunmoonstar11
    Great read that use logic and science about the collapse of evolution
  • Excellent

    By What a hilarious app
    Evolution is nothing but a lie. There is no evidence for it. Much less a shred of proof. Atheists have to believe in it because the alternative is God. Well written refutation!
  • Question #21: Who on earth would believe this crap?

    By dedm079
    As just one example of his total lack of knowledge on the subject: (from p.7) “Among the fossils discovered over the years, there is not one trace of the intermediate forms that would be necessary if living things were to have evolved stage by stage…” Uh..Tiktaalik, an “intermediate” species between (basically) a fish and a tetrapod was discovered by Neil Shubin in 2004 and definitively shows a transistion in the evolution of this ancestral line.
  • Complete rubbish

    By Mattelfesso
    The claims of this author are so outrageous it is absolutely stunning. He is absolutely unrestrained by logic, or the reality of modern science. Take this quote from his introduction, for example, "The claims of this author are so outrageous it is absolutely stunning. He is absolutely unrestrained by logic, or the reality of modern science. Take this quote from his introduction as an example, “Today, such branches of science as paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology have proven that it is quite impossible for life to come about as a result of chance and to emerge by itself from natural conditions.” What utter nonsense. None of these fields of science have come to this conclusion. To the contrary, there has been an enormous level of confirmation and elucidation of the detail of evolution from each of these fields - way beyond what Darwin could ever have imagined. He goes on to state his principal premise: “The living cell, it is commonly agreed by the world of science, is the most complex structure that mankind has so far encountered. Modern science has revealed that just one living cell has a much more complex structure and mutually interconnected complicated systems than a large city. Such a complex structure can only function if all its separate parts emerge at the same time and in full working order.” Firstly, biologists don’t go around comparing apples and oranges (the relative complexity of a cell vs a city) this is more of philosophical musing. — The premise is the same old premise that creationists have been claiming for the last century. Its not even logical. Even a city does not “emerge at the same time and in full working order”. Most cities grow from smaller cities which grew from smaller towns or even villages. Likewise, evolutionary biologists have been carefully been tracing back the ancestry of species, anatomical developments and even the evolution of single celled organisms and viruses. His central hypothesis has been refuted time and again, and it is not even a point of discussion in scientific circles. It would be one thing for him to expound on these ideas on a religious or philosophical basis. But for him to claim that he speaks for the scientific community is preposterous and borders on sheer lunacy.
  • Incredibly Weak Arguments

    By Evolution#1
    This book does not make a strong case against evolution. I am twelve years old and was able, off the top of my head, to refute most of the arguments made in this book.
  • Oi

    By Enoch.1992
    Why do people think that just becouse you don't believe in evolution, that makes you a creationist. Hears what I do know, that no one knows what happened and darwan does not know what happened ether. Also why make fun of Christians for having faith in a god. when you need to have a strong faith to believe in darwans theory, because his theory has not been totally proved, but yet you have "faith" that the theory is a fact. - look at both sides of the facts before forming your own opinion.
  • Amazing as usual

    By Abdo Zozo
    I wonder why some ostriches still keep their heads in the sand and fight anything against what they believe. Harun's books are all scientifically proven and logical. Plus they are backed by the God's revelation.
  • Pure ignorance!

    By Vice3765
    I'm sorry but while evolution is a theory it's a scientific theory. That means that every single bit of evidence that we have discovered has backed up. It's not stated as fact, because the scientific community is smart enough to realize that nothing is 100% known. However denying evolution is like saying that if you dropped an apple, then it wouldn't hit the ground. Every other time that this has been tested it hit the ground so it will almost definitely do the same now. I hope that people realize that all of our smartest individuals in the world recognize evolution and that you and I are most certainly not more knowledgable or as smart as these people so there's no way that you are right when you go against them. Open your eyes to the wisdom of science and embrace it.
  • He still is TOTALLY clueless about science!

    By Eriptron
    This book would be humorous except that the author believes this! He is totally clueless both on what he is talking about and and about how science works. His ignorance in the topic is his only strength. If he would do even the slightest research, objectively and comprehensively, he would quite simply see why he is wrong, 20 times. The problem is that he doesn't want to know the truth and the facts because they don't fit into his beliefs. The proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. Not acknowledging something doesn't make it any less true and it doesn't change reality.
  • Garbage

    By commadereagle2
    Unlike many other bashers of this book, I read it cover to cover. I'm a high school biology teacher and a theist. I like to read up on every possible position on a topic, even the most nonsensical. I've read through Behe and Meyers- other critics of evolutionary theory with and open mind and while I remain unconvinced, their arguments were at least well stated and logical. I could trust the authors that they were giving me true information that they were simply looking in the wrong light. This book was shear rubbish. The information presented is either so grossly distorted or flat out untrue that I simply could not trust the author anymore after the first chapter. This is a sick, saddening interpretation of argument and reason and is one of the only books (and I've read a ton) that actually made me angrier with each page. Spends most of the book straw-manning and quote mining leading up to his final argument that Darwin's Theory has cause all of humanity's genocides and atrocities. (Funny how such things are historically far less common in the 150 years since Darwin than before). This book is is a propaganda mess and not worth your time.